The Only Complete

A/C Tune-Up™ in Florida

It has been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Well, the same idea holds true for your home air conditioning system . While it’s true that new AC units today are so reliable you would tend to just leave them alone, they will still need periodic maintenance to keep them in great shape. Regular AC tune up can save you money in the long run, because it can give you the assurance that your unit won’t break down anytime soon and require costly repair work.

Schedule your Geiger Mechanical Complete A/C Tune-Up now, and your unit will get the best
AC maintenance Florida has to offer.

For Just $159.95

you will receive the following with your AC unit tune up:

Thorough 35 point
diagnostic evaluation of
your system

Up to One Pound
of Freon

One FREE Permanent
Washable Air Filter

Condenser Coil

Condensate Drain

One Electrical
Component If Needed

That’s a $686 Value For Only $159.95!

35 Point Inspection Includes:

Take Exiting Air Temp

Take/Check Refrigerant Pressures

Take Returning Air Temp

Take/Check Superheat

Check Filter(s)

Take/Check Sub-Cooling

Check Thermostat

Inspect Outdoor Coil

Take/Check Amp Draw
of Outdoor Fan Motor

Inspect Refrigerant
Line Insulation

Check Outdoor Fan
Blade and Hub

Take Amp Draw of Indoor
Fan (Blower) Motor

Take/Check Amp Draw
of Compressor

Inspect Blower Wheel

Inspect Compressor

Inspect Duct System

Check Operation of
Reversing Valve

Inspect Air Handler/
Furnace/Pac Unit for
Level and Support

Inspect Control Boards

Check Air Handler
for Air Leaks

Inspect Compressor
(Main Line) Contactor

Check Condensate
Drain Lines for

Load Test All Applicable
Run Capacitors

Inspect Evaporator Coil

Check Start Device

Check Drain Pans

Check Fuses

Check Condition of
Attic Insulation

Inspect Wiring

Check Condition of
House Electrical Panel

Inspect Service

Check Operation of
Condensate Overflow
Prevention Switch

Inspect Breakers

Inspect Metering Device

Check and Tighten
Electrical Breakers

AC Maintenance in Cocoa and surrounding areas

Your AC unit can last a long time, but you need to have maintenance performed on it on a regular basis. Take maintenance for granted, and you can expect to spend a lot more on repairs in the long run. So get the best AC tune up Florida can offer by calling Geiger Mechanical

When you choose us, “We chill out the competition”™, and you will be glad to know that apart from Cocoa, we also serve other locations in Florida such as Merritt Island, Melbourne, Rockledge, Viera, Suntree, Satellite Beach, and Port Saint John. Whatever your air conditioning and heating needs in the above areas, Geiger Mechanical will take care of it.

What Our Clients Have to Say

    • Geiger Mechancial is truly a reputable company and certainly number one for service in my book. Shawn, the repair manager was extremely helpful and professional. I would recommend them for both installation of a new system as well as repairs on your existing AC.

      George Maloley - Geiger Mechanical George Maloley
    • We were visiting our Florida home from New York, when on one of the hottest days in August the air conditioning was not working. We called Geiger Mechanical & James Shelton worked to get the air up & running in no time. He was courteous & sympathetic, working hard to repair our central air…we have a warranty & Geiger Mechanical stands behind their work, they are available 24/7… Thank you!

      Karin Reilly - Geiger Mechanical Karin Reilly
    • Service was completed in a timely manner and my technician was extremely knowledgeable. All services were explained to me prior to being completed as far as the need and cost are concerned. My air conditioning unit has been problem-free all year and I believe it’s because of the professional maintenance that I get yearly from Geiger Mechanical.

      John Andres - Geiger Mechanical John Andres